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More than just a cattery, Purrfection is a luxury retreat for your cat to relax, unwind and have fun. Our rooms are comfortable and inviting, this alone is the reason you should choose Purrfection for your cat's holiday.


But we didn't stop there, we also offer our Kitty Concierge services which can make your cats stay just that extra bit special.


Check out what we offer below.

Kitty Play Gym

Is a unique play area for kitty’s to climb, explore on our play equipment or just lounging around. This is one on one time for your kitty.

Kitty Mail

To provide you with peace of mind and the comfort that your precious kitty is enjoying their stay. We can provide you with updates by either SMS or email to let you know what kitty has been up to with photos included.

Office Time

For the inquisitive kitty who loves to be around people and get that extra attention.

(only available outside of opening hours for guest safety)

Flea Treatment

We require all kitty’s entering our retreat to be flea free, if we find that your kitty has fleas then we will administer a flea treatment. This will consist of a flea rinse wash, and application of frontline.

Gourmet Menu

This is outside of our normal menu for the fussiest of guests, we offer a variety of succulent menus; this is served once a day and can be provided for whatever nights you wish.

Nail Grooming

We require you to clip your kitty’s nails before staying with us for the safety of kitty and our staff, if you are unable to clip them we can happily groom them for you.

$2.50 per Meal

$5.00 for 45mins

$5.00 for 45mins

$5.00 per guest

$15.00 per guest

$2.00 per Message


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